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The Skyline Luge is a three-wheeled cart, part go-kart and part toboggan. The Skyline Luge is unique among adventure activities for being a thrilling ride for all ages and abilities.

Located in five international locations: Rotorua & Queenstown, New Zealand: Calgary and Mont Tremblant, Canada: and Sentosa, Singapore.

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Did you know?

The track will run next to the famous 1988 Winter Olympics luge at Winsport Canada�s Winter Olympic Park.

Did you know?

On a clear day, it�s possible to see Indonesia from the chairlift.

About Skyline Luge

What is Luge?

Skyline Luge is a fun filled adventure activity suitable for riders of all ages and experience.

Invented in New Zealand over 31 years ago, and having hosted over 25 million rides worldwide, the Skyline Luge is a unique wheeled gravity ride that provides riders full control over their descent on purpose built track.

Climb aboard your Luge cart and let gravity and your sense of adventure do the rest!

Our tracks are all designed with twists, turns and tunnels to ride with your friends and family for fun-filled action.

The first Luge was built in Rotorua New Zealand in 1985, Skyline Luge has spread to five international locations with more in the pipeline!

How do I Luge?

Our purpose built Luge carts provide the rider with full control over speed and direction using a unique braking and steering system.

It's simple to use, just pull back on the handlebars to slow down or stop and push forward to accelerate. Our Luge instructors give you a full briefing on how to Luge before you start.

 The handlebars of a Skyline luge control the brakes as well!  Skyline Luge - family activities.
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