Skyline Luge    Adventure Activities – Sentosa Luge, Rotorua Luge, Queenstown Luge, Mont Tremblant Luge, Calgary Luge.

The Skyline Luge is located in five international locations. The original Skyline Luge adventure activities are located in Rotorua & Queenstown, New Zealand. In North America you will find Skyline Luge adventure activities in Calgary and Mont Tremblant. And in Asia, Skyline Luge Sentosa in Singapore is a popular family attraction.

 Skyline Luge in action – a fun activity for the family

Did you know?

The track will run next to the famous 1988 Winter Olympics luge at Winsport Canada�s Winter Olympic Park.

Did you know?

Calgary Luge will be Skyline�s 5th Luge site.

News Detail

Captain Gravity

Posted on Monday, 31 March 2014

Captain Gravity travels the world spreading Luge love!  Have you seen him in Sentosa? Calgary?  Mont-Tremblant?

Vital Statistics

Real Name:  Gregory Gordon Gravity

Height: 2.46m

Age:  35 (in luge years:  Luge years=Real age*the age you want to be/your weight on the moon + the amount of time it takes you to do 4036 luge rides – 12).

Birthplace:  Rotorua, NZ

Likes:  Luging, going fast, luging, adventure, school, having fun, luging, exercising, meeting people, smiling.

Dislikes:  Anything slow (snails, turtles, etc), rainy days, drugs and alcohol, racing on the Skyline Luge, riding the luge without a helmet, my arch-nemesis Dr. Slowdown.  

Favourite Food:  I try to eat healthy all of the time.  So I’d have to say fruits and vegetables. 

Favourite Drink:  Milk (‘it’s what gives me my shiny teeth and my rippling muscles!’)

Favourite Car:  My personal luge cart (although it’s in the shop!), Lamborghini, Ferrari, F1 cars.

Favourite Song:  I love the song Greased Lightnin’ and anything else that you can dance too!

Favourite MovieFast & the Furious, Top Gun, Cars, Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Favourite TV Show:   The Amazing Race, Top Gear, Speed Racer

Favourite Quote:  ‘Once is Never Enough!’

Arch-Nemesis:  Dr. Slowdown.  This mischievous villain is always trying to find ways to slow me down and prevent me from luging or having fun in anyway. 

Personal History:

Captain Gravity was born at Skyline Skyrides in Rotorua, NZ.  His parents, Admiral Gravity and Mrs. Speedy, brought him up to always be happy, exercise regularly, eat nutritious food, be nice to others, recite the ‘Luge Code of Conduct,’ and, of course, LUGE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!

After Captain Gravity finished school (where he was Head Boy, received the highest marks, and started a Luging Club), his parents promptly retired and moved away to the beach in Sentosa Singapore. Gravity now spends his time travelling the world encouraging people from all over the world to experience the Skyline Luge. 

One day, while spreading his love of the luge to passers-by, Captain Gravity met his future wife, Mrs. Gravity.  They were married in a beautiful ceremony on the Skyline viewing deck in Queenstown and partied the night away with all of their friends and family.  After the party, they hopped into Capt. Gravity’s personalised luge cart and rode off to their eight-week honeymoon to Calgary and Mont Tremblant Canada.

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