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The Skyline Luge is located in five international locations. The original Skyline Luge adventure activities are located in Rotorua & Queenstown, New Zealand. In North America you will find Skyline Luge adventure activities in Calgary and Mont Tremblant. And in Asia, Skyline Luge Sentosa in Singapore is a popular family attraction.

 Skyline Luge in action – a fun activity for the family

Did you know?

The very first luge started here in Rotorua in 1985.

Did you know?

Rotorua not only has the most tracks but the longest tracks as well.

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Taking our Luge carts to the streets in New Zealand!

Posted on Monday, 7 November 2016

Family fun at the Arrowtown Trolley Derby

The Arrowtown Trolley Derby is an annual fundraising event held for Arrowtown Preschool over the weekend. It’s always a great day out, with locals building the weirdest and wackiest trolleys to race down a street lined with hairpin bends!

One of the highlights of the day has to be the Luge Challenge held by Skyline Queenstown – where key identities within the Queenstown tourism industry take to the streets to see who is the fastest Luger!

The Luge Challenge is also open to the public where they can zoom down the famous Trolley Derby track. Take a look at Luge mascot Captain Gravity cheering on some of the participants on the day:

For those that weren’t quite up to the adrenalin-pumping Luge Challenge, there were markets and activities setup for both parents and kids to enjoy. We hope to see you next year at the famous Arrowtown Trolley Derby!

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