Skyline Luge Busan: Coming 2021 Skyline Enterprises develops a second Luge site in South Korea

New Zealand tourism company Skyline Enterprises is developing its second Luge in South Korea.

Skyline will spend an estimated $22 million on establishing Skyline Luge Busan as part of a large-scale, US$333m theme park, hotel and shopping complex development under construction called Osiria Thema Park near Busan City.

Skyline Luge Busan will consist of four tracks, each approximately 900m long, and have two chairlifts to carry approximately 2600 riders per hour – the highest capacity of all Skyline’s Luge sites throughout the world. Skyline is predicting to see 900,000 rides being completed in its first year of operation.

To deliver the Osiria Thema Park project, Skyline has joined a consortium led by GS Retail and multinational conglomerate Lotte. Osiria Thema Park is one of 33 projects built or under construction in the Osiria Tourism Complex, which also includes several branded hotels, condominiums, residential areas, aquarium/water park, Lotte outlet mall, IKEA, the Busan National Science Museum, Busan Cultural Center and a golf course.

The Busan project is expected to be as much of a success as Skyline Luge Tongyeong. That project – at that time the largest direct capital investment in South Korea by a New Zealand company – has exceeded Skyline’s expectations for visitor numbers, with more than 200,000 rides being completed on the Luge in the first two months.

Skyline has been operating the Luge since 1985 in New Zealand. With sites operating in New Zealand (Queenstown and Rotorua), Canada, Singapore and Tongyeong, Busan is Skyline’s seventh site.

Busan Construction Progress

Initial site creation and soil compaction was completed in May. Luge track shaping, construction of retaining walls & tunnels is underway and should be completed by end of August. Piling works for the elevated top structure has been completed so building works can now commence.

The chairlift foundations and footings are being constructed and will be completed in the coming months. Much of the chairlift equipment has arrived onsite and installation will commence in August. Luge track construction will commence in September.

The current schedule is for an end of May completion, but the team are investigating opportunities to fast track the project and finish in March 2021 and open May/June.

Lotte Theme Park and Shopping Mall are also under construction and should both be completed by June 2021.