Luge Track

Get ready to ride the World's longest Luge track and experience one of the best things to do in Calgary!

Calgary Luge Fast Facts:

The Luge track is over 1800 metres (5905 ft) long

The track descends over 100 metres (328 ft)

There are over 50 twists and turns

Top Elevation: 1250m (4100 ft)

Base Elevation: 1130m (3710 ft)

The summer Skyline Calgary Luge track runs alongside the famous Winsport winter Olympic Luge track.

Accessed via chairlift you will drop over 100 metres (328 feet) from the Start Zone and Luge down the 1800 metres (5905 feet) of track to the End Zone.

Don't miss out on a day of fun and adventure at this awesome Calgary attraction!