What is Skyline Luge?

Picture showing how to ride the luge. Release the handlebars slightly to accelerate and pull back on the handlebars to brake.

Established in 1985, Skyline Luge is a gravity-fuelled thrill ride using a three-wheeled cart designed and engineered in New Zealand and enjoyed by millions of adventure enthusiasts around the world.

Skyline Luge is a fun and safe activity for all ages and all abilities. The driver has full control over their speed and direction using our trademark braking and steering system. The purpose-built Luge tracks are designed with signature twists, dippers and tunnels for the ultimate gravity-fuelled fun.

Our Presence

The first Skyline Luge park was built in Rotorua, New Zealand in 1985, and we have since established six international Skyline Luge parks with more in the pipeline!

Skyline Luge Business Model

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Image & Video

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Calgary | Mont Tremblant | Sentosa | Tongyeong | Queenstown | Rotorua | Busan Sheffield Kuala Lumpur

View the latest videos for our Skyline Luge properties below.

Skyline Luge - Current Locations

Business Enquiries

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