We are now closed for winter. See you next season!

Single Customer Luges Down The Track at Skyline Luge Mont Tremblant.

Luge & Tonga Lumina

Luge & Tonga Lumina 

Thought all the fun ended at night? Think again!

As dusk approaches get your fix of fun with the Skyline Luge.  Jump on the chairlift and enjoy 1.4km of downhill fun in your specialised Luge cart as you master over 50 twists and turns. Once you complete the course, do it all over again - you’ll be hooked!

After the sun goes down get ready to hop on the chairlift once again, this time to experience the magic of the Tonga Lumina - the mystical search for the giant of Mont-Tremblant! 

Both the Luge and Tonga Lumina experiences begin from the base terminal of the Flying Mile chairlift.  


Luge & Tonga Lumina tickets sold separately – click here for Luge pricing. 

Visit the Tonga Lumina website for more ticket information.