18 Years of Skyline Luge: Sim Family Shares their Memories

Amidst the ever-changing tapestry of life, certain experiences withstand the test of time, retaining their enchantment and appeal as we grow and evolve. Nestled in the vibrant city of Singapore, Skyline stands tall as one such timeless gem, where fun and excitement transcend generations! From the tiniest tots to seasoned adventurers, the Luge offers an enchanting escape that brings families together and sparks joy in the hearts of each visitor. 

Join us as we celebrate the 18th anniversary of Skyline Luge Singapore and dive into the heartwarming tale of the Sim family's adventures over the years. David, Angeline, their son Alexander (now nine years old), and their daughter Dana (now 15 years old) sat down with us to share how the Luge has woven itself into the fabric of their lives, becoming a treasured part of the Sim family legacy. 

Where it all started… 

Can you share your first memory of riding the Luge?

Alexander: My first memory of riding the Luge is getting squished between my father’s legs and going down the Luge tracks with him. I remember sitting in the pile of helmets in the helmet bin when I was five for a quick photo!

Dana: Similarly, my first memory is also riding with my dad. I was so small I couldn’t hold on to the handlebar to steer and had to sit as a passenger in my dad’s Luge instead.

From then to now 

What has been the biggest change to the Luge you've seen over the years?

Dana: We saw the opening of all the Luge tracks as the years went by and the opening of Night Luge, coming almost every school holiday growing up. We also experienced the different Luge carts over the years; the older carts didn’t have a barrier on the side. 

Angeline: The Night Luge, when it was first introduced, was truly a unique and different experience for us because when it’s dark, your senses are very acute, bringing up the enjoyment as well.

A shift in perspective 

How is riding the Luge as a child different to riding as an adult or teenager?

Alexander: Riding the Luge at my own pace and speed is what I have absolutely loved since I’ve been able to ride on my own! I can now go as fast as I want or as slow as I want.

Dana: There used to be some trails that required a height limit, and I couldn’t go on those when I was younger, but now I’m able to experience all four trails! The freedom to go at my own pace is what I love the most since I could ride independently. 

Thrills, peace of mind, and of course: the company  

What is your favourite thing about riding the Luge? 

Alexander: Sticking out my tongue as I ride the Luge to feel the breezy wind! 

Dana: The twist and turns on the dragon trail is my favourite!

David: The experience is intuitively safe and very liberating for parents like us to know that our kids can have the most fun safely. 

Angeline: It’s always a good bonding experience for the family whenever we come to Skyline Luge.

 Legacy of laughs  

What has been your funniest memory of riding the Luge? 

David: Going through the filtered lanes towards the end of the conveyor lane is almost like an ultimate skill test to manoeuvre through it safely; it always gives us a good laugh to end the ride.

There’s no place like Skyline Luge 

How is Skyline Luge different to other attractions in Singapore?

Dana: Compared to other attractions, the Skyline Luge is a very personal experience; even if you’re here with your friends or family, every single time you ride the Luge is still a personal and unique experience because you might go slow and fast at other times. 

David: Since they were little, I always wanted to expose my children to a sense of adventure and thrill. And really, there’s nothing like the Luge for that kind of speed and thrill. The Luge has been suitable for them to experience since they were little, thanks to its inclusive approach in terms of height and age restrictions. It’s also a huge plus for me that the Luge is gravity-fuelled and very environmentally friendly.  Our experience at Skyline Queenstown and here in Skyline Luge Singapore affirms for me that as you go down, you are immersed in the nature surrounding the Luge tracks, and that makes the experience wholesome. 

Angeline: Other attractions allow you to experience the ride passively, but for Skyline Luge, the Luge ride keeps you engaged throughout. The Luge is an activity for the entire family, suitable for any age, and it’s something we can enjoy as a whole family. The Luge is also a great activity for us to teach and hone our kids' spatial awareness skills from a young age. 

Ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure in the Lion City? Look no further than Skyline Luge Singapore - your ticket to an unforgettable, heart-racing experience. Whether you're a thrill-seeker, nature lover, or just looking for an epic day out, Skyline has it all. Visit our blog page for more fun things to do with kids and the best outdoor activities in Singapore.