Top 20 Fun Things to Do in Singapore: The Best Local Experiences and Hidden Gems

Affectionately known as the Lion City, Singapore is a lively metropolis nestled in the heart of Southeast Asia. Visitors come from around the world to explore Singapore’s delectable street food, rich cultural tapestry, and lively shopping scene. Singapore offers an incredible array of hidden gems, guaranteeing a fun day out for the entire family. Whether it’s the school holidays or the weekend, Singapore beckons with attractions and activities catering to all ages and interests. Here are our recommendations for the best places to visit in Singapore.

Immerse Yourself at the Trick Eye Museum

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Step into a world of mind-bending illusions and immersive art at this unique Singapore attraction. It promises an unforgettable experience that will challenge your perception and ignite your imagination. Interact with mind-boggling 3D installations where you become a part of the artwork. Pose with life-sized dinosaurs, defy gravity or dive into an underwater adventure.

Brave Thrilling Rides at Mega Adventure Park

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Calling all adrenaline junkies! Soar through the sky on the heart-pounding MegaZip for breathtaking views of Singapore’s skyline. Tackle the exhilarating treetop obstacle course at the MegaClimb or bounce up to 8 metres in the air on the MegaBounce. Choose one ride or a package to include all three.

Hop Aboard the Singapore River Cruise

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Step aboard the iconic bumboats and let the gentle waves carry you through the heart of Singapore. Marvel at the blend of old and new as you cruise past the iconic Merlion Park, the historic Fullerton Hotel and the bustling Clarke Quay. Choose a daytime or evening cruise, complete with dazzling city lights.

Spend Time at Singapore’s Many Parks

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They don’t call Singapore the Garden City for nothing. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or a chance to reconnect with nature, Singapore’s parks offer an idyllic escape from the urban jungle. Head to East Coast Park for a stroll, an energising bike ride, or a picnic by the sea. Venture to Chestnut Nature Park, where winding trails take you through pristine forests. Step back in time at Fort Canning Park and uncover ancient artifacts, manicured gardens and enchanting ruins. Visit Punggol Waterway Park to view picturesque waterways, colourful flora and enjoy an array of outdoor activities.

Reach New Heights on the Singapore Flyer

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Towering above the skyline, the Singapore Flyer is a giant observation wheel offering an incredible panoramic view of Singapore. Step into one of the spacious capsules to watch the city unfold and admire the spectacular vistas of Marina Bay, towering skyscrapers, and iconic landmarks that dot the landscape. Enjoy an unforgettable experience with a magical evening ride, watching the city lights sparkling below. 

Enjoy Outdoor Fun at Skyline Singapore

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Skyline Singapore on Siloso Beach Walk guarantees to be one of the most fun places to go to in Singapore. Head to the Skyline Luge to experience the thrill of taking command of a three-wheeled Luge cart, where the force of gravity becomes your ally. Navigate hairpin corners, zoom through exhilarating tunnels, and conquer downhill slopes on specially designed tracks. 

Hop aboard the Skyride to view the breathtaking vistas of Singapore’s city skyline and the vast expanse of the South China Sea. Glide through the night sky as the sun sets, taking in the mesmerising sights of the city’s illuminated nightscape - perfect for date night

Experience Universal Studios Singapore

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Get ready for an adventure at this blockbuster tourist attraction on Sentosa Island, Singapore. Jump on exciting rides that will leave you breathless, like the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster. Or check out immersive 3D and 4D shows that transport you into beloved movies, such as Transformers: The Ride. While you’re there, indulge in delicious local food and shop for souvenirs. 

Pay a Visit to the Singapore Zoo

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Located amidst lush greenery, visitors can discover the region’s incredible biodiversity. Learn about conservation efforts, witness fascinating animal presentations and get up close and personal with various creatures. The zoo has over 2,800 animals, from majestic lions and playful orangutans to adorable meerkats and graceful giraffes. 

Discover the Singapore Botanic Gardens

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Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visitors can stroll through themed gardens, including the National Orchid Garden, where a kaleidoscope of vibrant orchids awaits. These gardens are not only a haven for nature lovers but also a centre for botanical research and conservation.

Explore the National Gallery Singapore

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Housed in the historic City Hall and former Supreme Court buildings, this world-class art museum encourages visitors to delve into the rich tapestry of Southeast Asian art. Discover iconic works by renowned artists and hidden gems that shed light on the dynamic art scene in Singapore and its neighbouring countries. 

Entertain the Kids at an Indoor Playground

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Looking for fun activities in Singapore to entertain the little ones? Check out Polliwogs, where children can unleash their energy on colourful slides, climb obstacle courses and dive into ball pits. The Changi Airport playground in Terminal 3 houses an aviation-themed playground. Kidztopia at Marina Square offers exciting things to do, such as role-playing, building blocks and creative arts to spark your child’s imagination.

Climb to Singapore’s Highest Peak

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Nestled in the heart of the island, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve offers a picturesque setting for outdoor enthusiasts. Lace up your hiking boots and hit the well-marked trails that wind through the rainforest, leading you to the summit of Bukit Timah Hill. As you ascend, enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, and look out for exotic flora and fauna. Reaching the peak, you’ll be rewarded with spellbinding views of the surrounding landscape. 

Set Sail on an Island Hopping Yacht Trip

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Step off mainland Singapore and explore multiple islands at your own pace, with a yacht as your vessel. Begin at Lazarus Island for a spot of swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing. Continue to St. John’s Island to hike nature trails and visit a turtle sanctuary. Head to Kusu Island, famous for its sacred temples and tranquil lagoons, offering a serene escape from city life.

Conquer Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir Park

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Gear up for an exciting opportunity to challenge yourself, push your limits and embrace the spirit of adventure. Strap on a harness, test your balance and navigate through a series of treetop obstacles, including high ropes, wobbly bridges and thrilling zip lines. Different courses tailored to different ages and skill levels ensure an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Uncover Rich History at the National Museum

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Visit the oldest museum in Singapore to learn stories of the past, from the country’s early beginnings to its journey towards independence and beyond. The museum offers a comprehensive exploration of history and culture, from artifacts and archaeological finds to multimedia presentations and thought-provoking exhibitions.

Get a Taste of Luxury at Marina Bay Sands

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Experience a taste of the high life, where every moment is elevated to new heights of indulgence at this opulent resort. Three soaring towers are connected by the magnificent SkyPark, which boasts exquisite skyline views. Head to the Sentosa Giant Swing to soar through the air up to 120km/h. Pamper yourself with a stay in a luxurious hotel room, take a dip in the iconic infinity pool, place a bet at the casino, or indulge your taste buds at restaurants helmed by celebrity chefs.

Learn Freediving at Singapore’s Southern Islands

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Discover the magic of exploring an underwater world with just a single breath. Experienced instructors will teach the techniques and principles of freediving and honing breath-holding skills. Explore colourful coral reefs, tropical fish and other fascinating sea creatures surrounding the Southern Islands of Singapore.

See Nature at its Finest in Gardens by the Bay

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Begin your journey at the iconic Supertree Observatory, where towering tree-like structures adorned with plants create a surreal and magical atmosphere. Stroll along the OCBC Skyway for 360° views of the surrounding gardens and Marina Bay skyline. Explore the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest to be transported to a tropical paradise. For three days every May, catch the Garden Rhapsody light show: A STAR WARS Edition featuring an engaging music and light composition set against the STAR WARS soundtrack.

Slip and Slide at Adventure Cove Waterpark

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This thrilling aquatic amusement park is located in the heart of Resorts World Sentosa and promises endless excitement. Feel the adrenaline rush as you zoom down high-speed slides. Engage with friendly marine life at Rainbow Reef. Head to Bluwater Bay wave pool, where gentle waves create a beach-like atmosphere perfect for relaxation and family fun. The little ones will love the Seahorse Hideaway, with mini slides and water sprays.

Have an Unforgettable Night Safari Adventure

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Embark on a nocturnal adventure like no other, where the magic of the animal kingdom comes alive after sunset. Step into a realm of darkness as you uncover the different zones of the park, carefully designed to mimic the natural habitats of the park’s nocturnal creatures. Board the tram to catch glimpses of majestic predators, playful primates, and elusive creatures that thrive in the darkness.

Discover the Most Quintessential Singapore Experiences with Skyline

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Join Skyline to discover the best Singapore attractions. From thrilling adventures to delicious food and cultural delights, the adventure of a lifetime awaits! Seize the moment and embark on a journey you’ll cherish forever. See our blog for more fun places in Singapore to visit with kids and the best outdoor activities.