15 Best Team Building Activities in Singapore: Make Your Next Corporate Event Unforgettable

Working with others is not always easy, but it’s crucial for success. You spend at least eight hours a day with your co-workers, share a common space with them, and collaborate on tasks that can make or break a campaign. Whether you’ve got a group of newbies with big dreams or seasoned pros who’ve seen it all, it’s clear that building rapport among teammates is essential. Let's look at the best team building activities in Singapore to help colleagues bond and rock your projects!

Why is team bonding so important?

At its core, team bonding involves forging a cohesive team by uniting individuals to foster strong relationships. This holds significant value for businesses through increased productivity, communication, and team performance. Consequently, team bonding activities help cultivate a more positive company culture, bolster employee engagement, and propel the company towards success and growth.

What makes a good team building activity?

How do you decide on the ideal team building activity? Team building games and workshops foster healthy competition, teamwork, effective communication, and strong bonds among team members. These team building activities in Singapore contribute to cultivating a positive workplace atmosphere and elevating the art of collaboration.

Our picks for the best team building activities Singapore-wide

Test your wits with an escape room 

If you’re looking for thrilling team building activities in Singapore, an escape room is a great place to start. It's an exciting experience for the group to use their creative thinking and problem-solving skills for a triumphant escape. 

Image credit: @chew0904
Create custom scents at a perfume workshop

Imagine the whole team blending and concocting to create signature fragrances. This fun team bonding activity fosters creativity and collaboration, taking the group on a fascinating olfactory journey. 

Image credit: @perfumeworkshop
Enjoy spectacular views and zoom down the luge at Skyline Singapore 

Zooming down the luge track is a fun team-bonding event with a little spirited competition thrown in. The adrenaline rush will have the entire team feeling as tight-knit as the turns on the track. Want to make the most of what Skyline has to offer? Sign up for a corporate membership to enjoy complimentary Luge & Skyride combos all year round, discounts on merchandise and photos, and an extension of the benefits to accompanying guests.

Work friends get ready to start the water challenge, a team building exercise available at Skyline Luge Sentosa.
Have an out-of-this-world virtual reality experience

Get your virtual game on with VR experiences. Choose an out-of-this-world team building game where corporate teams step into alternate dimensions to solve puzzles and engage in friendly competition.

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Learn new skills in a cooking class

Organise a cooking team building activity where the team works together to create mouthwatering meals and uncover the art of seamless team work.

Get in sync with a dragon boating adventure

Looking for exciting team building activities? This high-octane, waterborne, fun team building event sees each team member work together as one cohesive force. This thrilling experience provides a gateway to improved communication skills and building team spirit

Image credit: @ dragonridersdb
Get the dice rolling with giant board games

These interactive games are unique team building activities that promise enormous fun. It’s a great team building experience, with participants strategising to solve challenging puzzles in a relaxed atmosphere.

Image credit: @thefunempire
Foster creativity at a candle-making workshop

Picture teams sculpting wax into personalised masterpieces. Participants blend scents, colours, and designs to discover new facets of creativity and foster collaboration.

Image credit: @perfumeplay.co
Laugh out loud with bubble soccer

Looking for adrenaline-pumping Singapore adventure activities? Bubble soccer takes a twist on regular soccer. Highly energetic teams are encased in giant, bouncy orbs, enhancing their agility, coordination and speed. 

Image credit: @thefunempire
Let loose at an art jamming studio

Try some art therapy with a cool art jam session. Art jamming is an excellent team building activity to inspire creativity. These creative activities foster camaraderie, open-mindedness and collective creativity.

Image crdit: @thefunempire
Take on an intricate domino challenge

Imagine team members meticulously arranging dominoes in intricate patterns, strategising every move. Dominos is a team building activity that promotes strategic thinking to solve challenges and fosters team unity

Build coordination with an obstacle course

Obstacle courses are fun outdoor challenges that help build unbreakable coordination bonds. Picture your team swinging, climbing, and crawling together, all while encouraging and strategising.

Image credit: @dexterlooi

Virtual and remote team building ideas

Here are our picks for the best team bonding activities for remote workers to have fun, stay connected, and foster team bonding.


FunEmpire organises corporate team building activities that bridge the physical distance between team members. Virtual escape rooms, creative workshops and party games ensure distance doesn't dim the spirit of teamwork.

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Funworks provides a comprehensive range of services to assist companies in searching for enjoyable and purposeful team building activities in Singapore. Whether it's participating in virtual interactive game shows or engaging in collaborative challenges, Funworks’ team building exercises actively involve participants to help unlock their full potential.

Image credit: @funworks.sg
Jambar Team Building

Jambar takes virtual team bonding activities to a whole new level. Whether it's virtual scavenger hunts, interactive trivia, or creative challenges, Jambar offers a wide range of engaging team building activities in Singapore that cater to diverse teams.

Image credit: @thehoneycombers.com

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Four friends pose for a photo on the Skyride at Skyline Luge Sentosa.