Prices are valid 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020

Luge & Skyride Combos

The Skyride transports you to the top of the Luge tracks, where you jump on-board your Luge cart and ride to the bottom of the track, once is never enough!

2 Luge & Skyrides $24 / Person
3 Luge & Skyrides

$27 / Person

4 Luge & Skyrides $29 / Person
6 Luge & Skyrides - APRIL ONLINE SPECIAL $33 / Person*
Child Doubling**
$3 per ride
  • *Online Special - available for a limited time only 
  • Combo tickets are valid per person only, Luge rides can not be shared
  • To ride the Luge on your own you must be 6 years or over and taller than 110cm 

Family Luge & Skyride Combos

Take the Skyride to the top of the Luge trails then Luge down. 

Step 1: Choose your Family Size

Step 2: Choose the number of Luge rides

Scroll across for more options on mobile.

  Family of 3 Family of 4 Family of 5
2 Luge rides each $54 $72 $90
3 Luge rides each $68 $90 $113
4 Luge rides each $78 $104 $130
Child Doubling** $3 per ride    
  • Prices displayed in Singapore Dollars
  • A family package includes Luge rides and Skyrides with at least 1 family member below 16 years old.

Skyride Only

A scenic chairlift ride giving you a bird’s eye view of Sentosa Island and Singapore city skyline.  Choose to ride one way, return or all day.

One Way $11 / Person
Two Way $18 / Person
Unlimited $19 / Person
  • Prices displayed in Singapore Dollars
  • Skyride tickets are valid per person only, ticket can not be shared 

Age and height restrictions

  • Min. height 85cm to ride with an adult
  • Min. height 135cm to ride alone
  • Must be 6 years of age and 110cm or taller to ride Luge alone
  • **Children under the age of 6 years can ride tandem with an adult
**Child Doubling

Children under the age of 6 years or under the minimum height of 110cm can ride in tandem with a responsible adult.

Riders must meet our age, height and health restrictions to be able to ride the Luge & Skyride. See How to Luge our Code of Conduct or Frequently Asked Questions here.