Skyline Luge Sentosa is certified SG Clean by the National Environment Agency. We continue to operate in line with Covid-19 directives from the Singapore Government and Ministry of Health. Click here to learn more

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A lady smiles as she rides around a corner on the Skyline Luge Sentosa Night Luge.


General Information

  • What is included in the Luge & Skyride combo options?

    A Luge/ Skyride combo includes a Luge ride and a Skyride. You take the Skyride to the top of the Luge track, then Luge down or you can do this in the opposite direction.

  • What is included in the family Luge & Skyride Combo options?

    A family Luge & Skyride Combo includes Luge rides and Skyrides and can be shared among family members with at least 1 family member below 16 years old.

    Example: Four ride family pass (for a family of 5) includes four Luge rides and four Skyrides per person. This family may be made up of 2 adults & 3 children (15 years old & younger*).

    Children below 6 years old and under the minimum height (110cm) can ride the Luge in tandem, with an adult by purchasing a child doubling ticket.

  • Can rides on a ticket be split over different days?

    Luge rides on a single ticket cannot be split over different days.

  • Is the Skyride price one-way or two-way?

    You are able to choose. We have both one-way and two-way tickets available.

  • Who can ride the Luge & Skyride?

    Luge: Children must be at least 6 years old and 110cm tall to ride the Luge alone.
    Children under 110cm tall or below 6 years old who can walk unassisted, can ride the Luge in tandem, with an adult by purchasing the child doubling ticket.

    Skyride: Children must be at least 135cm in height to be able to ride on the Skyride alone.
    Children must be at least 85cm in height to be able to ride on the Skyride with an adult

    Due to safety reasons, pregnant women are unable to ride the Skyride or Luge.

  • Can I buy my tickets online?

    Selected tickets are available for purchase online.

    For products not listed for online purchase, you can proceed to our ticketing counter to purchase.

  • How long does it take to ride the Luge?

    To complete 1 Luge & Skyride is 15 - 20 minutes. Please be aware that during school holidays and peak hours it may take longer. 

  • What is the price for children to ride the Luge?

    Children between 85cm and 110cm tall can ride the Luge in tandem, with an adult by purchasing the child doubling ticket. 

    Prices for Combos & Family Deals can be found on our prices page.

  • What time is last entry on the Luge?

    The last ride is at approximately 7.15pm each night, this is subject to change depending on weather conditions.

  • Is it possible to get an annual pass for the Luge?

    Yes, our annual pass is called the Luge Play Pass.

    An individual annual membership fee for a Luge Play Pass entitles members to purchase rides at a discounted price, FREE Child Doubling, FREE priority queueing, and much more!

  • Are lockers available at the Skyline Luge Sentosa complex?

    Yes, there are lockers available at a small charge. Check with our ticket counter staff for the fees and availability.

  • Can I ride the Luge without riding on the Skyride?

    All of our Luge packages include the Skyride to give you the full Skyline Luge experience!

  • What are your operating hours?

    Open hours can change throughout the year, click here for our current open hours.

  • What happens in the event of bad weather?

    Operations will temporarily stop in the event of thunder and lightning. Our Luge and Skyride operate as normal in a slight drizzle and will only stop in the event that heavy rain would impact your safety. 

  • Is there any strict attire or dress code?

    No there isn't, however we do recommend you wear comfortable clothing and covered toe shoes.

  • Should I bring my own helmet?

    We provide you with safety helmets of varying sizes, which are disinfected daily. However, you can also wear your own safety helmet on the Luge providing it is BS EN 1078 compliant.

  • Can I purchase Luge tickets through other websites?

    Skyline Luge Sentosa does not condone the on-selling or purchasing of tickets through unauthorised sellers.  We cannot guarantee the authenticity of tickets purchased from any third party reseller.

    Individuals who purchase or sell tickets through these sites do so at the risk of their ticket being cancelled or declared invalid for use.

    To ensure no issues, we advise purchasing tickets through the Skyline Luge website.

Luge Photos

  • Can I purchase Luge photos?

    Yes photos can be purchased onsite. To view your photos scan your Luge helmet at one of the touch screen kiosks - photos can be downloaded or printed.

    Having issues downloading your photos? Contact


  • What is your cancellation policy in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

    We understand you may need to cancel your visit to Skyline Luge Sentosa due to the Coronavirus situation. Our standard Terms and Conditions will apply. Please contact us if you need to amend your upcoming booking.

  • I want to take the Chairlift on my own or only with my family. Can I do so?

    Yes, you will not be asked to share a chair with others. Guests can choose to ride by themselves or with their respective bubbles.

  • Is the Luge operating as normal?

    Yes! We have complimentary hairnets available for our Luge riders to minimise shared contact surfaces. We also encourage guests to use extra hand sanitisers, available at the top and bottom Luge stations. All guests are required to wear masks and maintain safe physical distancing.

    Please check current opening times here.

  • What additional safety measures are you taking to encourage good hygiene amongst guests and staff?

    • All guests are required to wear a face mask.
    • Guests will be temperature screened on arrival.
    • Guests are asked to maintain safe distancing.
    • To minimise interactions no tickets will be transacted at our ticketing offices. Patrons must purchase tickets online. This is a temporary measure for the first two weeks after our re-opening.
    • Guests must check in and out using the SafeEntry system.
    • Groups must not exceed 5 people. (Families of more than 5 will be asked to split up into smaller groups).
    • We have deployed complimentary hand sanitiser stations for guests and staff at pay stations and key locations around the complex.
    • Visual reminders on the importance of practising good hygiene are displayed in key areas such as bathrooms and staff rooms.
    • We have increased the frequency and extent of our cleaning schedules.

    We will continue to adapt and update our actions as needed and encourage everyone to keep up to date with information from the Ministry of Health website (

  • Is there any health screening taking place before people are able to ride the Gondola?

    Yes, all patrons will be temperature screened on arrival. All patrons are required to wear a mask and maintain physical distancing.

  • I wish to bring my own helmet to ride the Luge, is this allowed?

    Yes, you can bring your own helmet as long as it is not a full-face helmet. Please ensure your helmet has a strap to secure it and ensure it stays firmly in place while riding the Luge.

  • What measures do you have in place for contact tracing?

    Ministry of Health requires all patrons to check in and out using the SafeEntry system.

  • Will you be open daily?

    Initially, we will open with reduced hours and will adjust our operating hours as appropriate. For current opening times, click here.

  • Do you have limits on group sizes?

    Yes at the directive of the Ministry of Health, groups must not exceed 5 people. Families of more than 5 will be asked to split into smaller groups and maintain physical distancing.

  • Are you SG Clean?

    Skyline Luge Sentosa is proud to announce we are a SG Clean certified establishment.

    SG Clean is a government initiative to encourage businesses to uphold good hygiene practices.

    To achieve SG Clean certification:

    • We ensure our premises are cleaned and sanitised frequently.
    • We ensure our staff are healthy.
    • We are certified by appointed assessors.

    Let's do our part to keep SG clean! 

    For more information visit