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A Group Of People Riding Down The Luge, All Smiling. A Group Of People Riding Down The Luge, All Smiling.


Luge & Skyride Combos:

The Skyride transports you to the top of the Luge tracks, where you jump on-board your Luge cart and ride to the bottom of the track - once is never enough!

2 Luge & Skyrides

3 Luge & Skyrides


4 Luge & Skyrides $30
Child Doubling $4 per ride
  • Individual Combo tickets are valid per person only, Luge rides cannot be shared.
  • Tickets are valid for your chosen date and session time - all rides must be used on the same day. 
  • To ride the Luge on your own you must be 6 years or over and taller than 110cm.

Are you ready to Luge more?

Our NEW Luge Play Pass is an annual membership that gets you enjoying the Luge more, for less, with access to exclusive discounts and member perks for you AND your friends!

Luge Play Pass (Annual Pass)

Individual Only $40pp

Age & Height Restrictions:

Riders must meet our age, height to be able to ride the Luge & Skyride.

  • Min. height 85cm to ride with an adult.
  • Min. height 135cm to ride alone.
  • Children must be 6 years of age and 110cm or taller to ride Luge alone.
  • Children under the age of 6 years or under the minimum height of 110cm can ride in tandem with a responsible adult. Please purchase a “CHILD DOUBLING” ticket for your child in addition to yours.
Other Restrictions

Just to be safe and avoid any unnecessary risk that could harm your unborn child, we prefer you plan your visit at Skyline Luge after your baby is born. Also delay your visit if you have a medical condition that will make it more likely for you to sustain an injury.

If in doubt, please see How to Luge our Code of Conduct or Frequently Asked Questions.