Skyline Luge Mascots

Meet Scoot & Skylar

From New Zealand!

Scoot & Skylar, the Skyline Luge mascots.

Scoot and Skylar are brother and sister, born and bred in Rotorua (home of the Luge). Their grandfather was the inventor of the Luge and they have loved the thrill of trying out his new and exciting ideas over the years.

Now that Skyline Luge has expanded across the globe, the brother and sister duo wear the iconic Silver Fern proudly on their outfits, reminding them of their Kiwi roots and the country where the Luge began.

Scoot (

  • 10 years old.
  • Full of energy, it takes a lot to tire him out.
  • Super friendly, loves riding the Luge with his mates.
  • A little bit cheeky and a bit of a prankster which sometimes gets him into trouble.
  • Loves anything on wheels – skateboarding, biking etc.
  • He is the official Luge tester.

Skylar (스카이라):

  • 12 years old.
  • Loves helping people and you’ll often see her helping the younger kids on the Luge.
  • Being older and more responsible, she had to develop the Luge code of conduct to keep her mischievous little brother safe and in-line.
  • She is working on a new Luge prototype (following in her grandfather’s footsteps).
  • She is the Luge world record holder for riding the Luge the most amount of times.


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